Monday, June 21, 2010

back on track ... starting with the husband project

i love this book and the projects it has in side. so it i time to get back to it. i will be starting out with the husband project. i mean he deserves a little pampering to!!!

project 1- 30 mins is all it takes
create some free time when he gets home

the plan-the kids are always so excited when daddy gets home. i mean even the dog jumps around. so today when he gets home i will take the kids into the big girls room to read a story to them. therefore E can grab a shower and relax for a min. he might get done before he reaches 30 mins but it ill be the chance to relax that counts.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

update on the children

while this is a blog about me, they are me. so i wanted to update a picture instead of updating them each. they ave gotten so big since i have been posting here. my youngest the boy cristofer, well he is almost one. so here they are.

when is enough enough ???

so before i moved here to Vegas, i have always known god. i have always wanted to be in his love and love my god. i never found a a church nor a fellowship that i felt i belonged to. i went to church with my life long best friend Sarah. her family opened me up to a wonderful fellowship and love for god. the church though that we went to just wasn't for me.

when i got to Vegas i met a friend. she is a christian and thought that i would love the church she went to. we tried it out it was great and now i am member, my hubs an i both got baptized and we loved the fellowship. her family and her stop going our friendship fell apart because we are two different types of women and the fellowship changed once location of the church changed.

so i will get to the point. i have been trying to be a "good christian" . i have been trying to bring her back to what she brought me to, trying to meet on common grounds, have bible studies what ever. and i guess its just a shove in the heart when the person who open those doors for you shut their own. when is enough enough? when do i no longer have to try ?? when is it enough?? because all the stunts in tat relationship make me feel like i may have not really learned anything. that maybe the person who brought me there lost their way do to me. i just don't know when enough is enough.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

it is just time

its time for me to get back to me.time to get back to knowing him. time to get back to learning and teaching. its just time!

i miss reading my bible studies and i miss going to church. i guess i will have to get over the not having fellowship the way i want to and i guess i will be doing bible study on my own. but that is okay. i will be doing it on my own and i may not have the fellowship i am looking for but i will have him and i will know him.

it all got away from me and i wont allow it anymore. i miss him and it is time to get back to him !!!