a little about me

This blog is all about me and the family i have been blessed with.While i know i have been on the go with baby after baby i want to better me and i have found in the past few years i have lost myself because of myself. I have gained so many great things at the same time losing so much as well. I feel i am the only one who can get them back. I can no longer complain or whine and just sit by and do nothing to fix it. So i am here to hold my self accountable and change. There is a person inside me that i know i can be, a person that i wish i was, and the person that i am. I strive to be a combination of all three. This blog will ramble on and on and contain so many stories you might not be able to wrap your self around them all. It may seem like i am writing so others can read. Even though i hope i begin to have followers i am blogging for me. For those of you who will be reading enjoy!