Saturday, January 30, 2010

love dare

so i have been doing it but really the first few days there isnt anything to really talk about because we do these types of things anyways ... but i am sure that it will come to were its hard and i am venting. stay tuned

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

the first work out

what was i thinking .... it hurt ... i dont feel much right now but i am sure i am going to feel it soon. I had a friend that worked out with me so it made it easier. Do i want to do it again?? yea .. no but i will. Right after we sat down and talked about some things and shared some things. We got deep and teared up. It is nice having others on the same path.

Now all i have to do is stick with this . So i will atleast try three times a week and also watch what i eat. Food doesnt have to make me happy it just has to taste good...

so here i go !

And so it begins

I will be doing two challenges at once. Love Dare and The Husband project. Love dare is longer so at around 21 days i will be left with just one.

Day one:
love dare-

Love is Patient.
Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love- Ephesians 4:2

resolve to demonstrate patience an to say nothing negative to your spouse at all.

husband project-
project one-
30 Mins is all it takes - create some free time when he gets home

how is love dare you ask?

Well i dont think i have put my all in it this time around and its only day three. So i have plans on starting all over today and put my all in it.My husband as been the best. I know it is hard for him being laid off but he should be porud of him self, hes a hard worker. its time for a break. Ok today i start my self loving time. i will be working out with a friend and i know it will hurt and i hope i can get through it. im not to sure i can so we shall see. I want to love me more ... yup even more then i already do because i think i have earned it.

i am off now i should be posting in tears not to long from now, so we will see if my fingers will be the one part on me that doesnt hurt.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Back ... No really i am back

Now that my brother has came to town and has worked on my computers I can now get back to my blog. Recently I have been trying pretty hard to get things on track but it hasn’t been too easy. The truth is I don’t think I have been trying the hardest that I could be and I think that now is better then any other time to get on myself.

I was blessed enough to meet a group of people (ladies) that are Christian and are on the same path if not very close to the path that I am on. We are all going to start love dare together. Some to fix their problems that they may have, and others to just keep the happiness that they have now still going strong. Some like myself have already tried getting through love dare but just couldn’t. So now we have others to talk to about what we are going through.

On Friday I went to a meet up with those from this group and enjoyed myself.AS I have said many times before, I have a hard time being so open about my love for God and one of the things I am working on is letting go of that. So on the way home while driving I told myself when my house gets back to normal I wanted to sit down and write an email to all the ladies (who yes all gave me their email addys) and thank them. I have found women my age who are so open about their love for God and their passion was just so great to see that it made me see that it is okay. It hit me so hard that I broke down crying listening to a song that spoke the same message I was asking for. I have realized that every last one of these ladies was brought to me for a reason ...

so here we go people ... im back to my many challenges ....