Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Solution to Every Problem

 I am one of those people who think i can find all the answers in books. I have this feeling that books can fix anything. I have come across many books that have done just that and some that are pointless. I enjoy buying, reading and sharing a good book. But what happens when my solution becomes a problem?

No i am not saying that it has but simply asking a question. I have been looking for me for a while now and at times i think i have done a good job doing so! Other times, well lets just say i remember how lost i actually am. So there are a few more books that i am adding to my self help get back to me project. These i am happy to say i look forward to doing and i know will have some mind blowing difference for me once i sit to read them and do them.

The first book is a bible study. I have been trying to do one with a friend of mine but honestly got tired of waiting on her to start one with me. So i went out and got a copy for me and my project buddy to do together. Its called A Grand New Day from woman of faith. I look forward to what it has to offer and what i learn from it. The second book is from one of my favorite authors. I know i can never go wrong when ever i have one of her books to lead me. I am a big supporter of all her books because they make sense and actually speak from a true heart. Kathi Lipp has three books that i own each a 21 day project to better something in your life. This third book that i have 
is call The Me Project. 
It is something that i look forward to 
doing with my
accountability partner. 
I encourage you to check these books out and see what they can do for you !!

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