Monday, January 3, 2011

The Husband Project

I am finding it really hard to want to get started on this, but know that my reasons are just why i need to stick with it. My hubs and i are butting heads due to him being laid off and home everyday. When i clean i like my space and when i blog i like my space and when i read i like my space. The thing is my hubs likes my space too.
You may be thinking why is this bad?? Well only because i like my space! I have not had time to miss him and i think that is the biggest issue. But i will get off of my boohoo mind frame and jump straight in it.
Whats the worst that can happen.... he might just want space him self :)

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  1. Blessing to you beloved of the Lord, may you be blessed with your space. In times past, most homes had a gentleman parlor and a ladies parlor. The purpose being that men often times need to be with men and women need to be with women. This idea was taken from society by feminism that wanted erase the differences between men and women. God created different roles for men and women for a reason they are different. When a man is laid off work, it is helpful if other brothers in the Lord would come alone and encourage him to find work, as it is the calling of the man to provide. Over the years every winter, my husband was laid off from the factory. We prayed for God to find him a job where this would no longer happen. It took two years but a job did come up. In times past as well, women would hire or find a volunteer from their church would come and watch the children for the mother to get some rest. With younger children, this is needed on occasion. The mother or children never left the home they just had their spaces. If you notice even the Proverb 31 lady had servants, in the past even the poorest of homes would take in orphans to help with the household, chores and children. Being a stay-at-home wife and mother is the same as two full time 50 hours a week jobs. A mother needs time and if the husband is home due to being laid off ask the Lord to show you grace in bringing this before him to help.
    Mrs. J.